About N+, the environment and sustainability

N+ by nör Danmark is a unique brand that has its origins deeply rooted in Danish design tradition and a strong commitment to sustainability. All our clothes are designed with care and creativity in Denmark and produced in Europe under strict quality requirements. What really sets us apart is our dedication to using surplus quality fabric from Europe. By using surplus materials that would otherwise have gone to waste, we ensure that our production has a minimal environmental footprint. This means that all our new clothes are limited edition, giving each collection an exclusive character.

When we say that our clothes are limited edition, we mean that there are only a very limited number of each size and design. Once a particular style is sold out, we cannot reproduce it in the same fabric quality again, making each piece of clothing unique and sought after. This approach not only promotes individuality and exclusivity for our customers, but it also helps us significantly reduce waste in the fashion industry.

Our commitment to the environment is a core value for N+ by nör Denmark. By using surplus materials from European factories that would otherwise end up as waste, we contribute to a more circular economy. This practice reduces the need to produce new materials, which ultimately reduces the emission of greenhouse gases and saves the earth's resources. Our customers can wear our clothes with pride, knowing that they are helping to support a more sustainable future.

Although our primary focus is on creating exclusive, high-quality collections from surplus materials, we also still have a limited amount of leftovers from previous collections. We sell these pieces at very favorable prices, allowing our customers to get hold of stylish and sustainable garments at a good price. Our remnants from old collections still represent our core values ​​and quality standards and are an excellent choice for those who want to combine style with responsibility.

At N+ by nör Danmark, we believe that fashion can be both stylish and sustainable. By choosing our clothes, you are helping to support a more sustainable future, where quality and care go hand in hand. Every purchase is a step towards a world where together we can reduce waste and promote a more sustainable lifestyle.